The Long Walk is committed to the health and wellbeing of Indigenous Australians.

We believe ALL Australians are entitled to a home, a job and an education.

All the work we do is focused on achieving equality between Indigenous and non Indigenous Australians.



We will achieve our Mission by:

Raising Australians' awareness and understanding of the talents and contributions offered by Indigenous Australians;

Using our networks and partnerships to create and use forums to encourage Indigenous voices to be heard; and

Raising funds to support innovative, new development programs initiated and led by Indigenous communities.



Respect – we respect, value and promote the cultural heritage, aspirations and rights of ALL Australians.

Teamwork – we initiate and activate strong, cooperative working relationships with other organizations, businesses and Government agencies.

Independence – while we work in partnership with numerous organizations and Government agencies we maintain our independence. We are apolitical.

Learning – we are committed to ongoing learning, self-evaluation and development.

Success – we are committed to identifying clear goals and achieving results.