Cultural Exchange brings Marra Dreaming to Camp Coorong

Marra Dreaming, a neighbourhood house style community centre, based in North Adelaide was the recipient of funds raised for The Long Walk Cultural Exchange at the 2011 Adelaide Women's Luncheon. The centre was set up and run by Aboriginal people when a local community development program was closed down. The centre has provided arts and cultural programs for the local community since 1998.

Marra Dreaming undertook the South Australian cultural exchange with Camp Coorong in July 2013. Marra Dreaming staff, volunteers and artists, spent two days at Camp Coorong, learning about Ngarrindjeri history and culture with a focus on basket weaving, feather flower making and bush tucker.

Some of the participants discovered family connections to the Coorong and the group found the camp a spiritual experience. The exchange benefitted Marra Dreaming and its artists by developing knowledge and practice of basket weaving and feather flower making. The increased knowledge of bush tucker will inform the design of their bush tucker garden.

The opportunity to travel to spiritually strong country also rejuvenated the staff and volunteers, to help them to continue to provide excellent cultural programs for the Aboriginal community in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

“Our resilience has been strengthened by our shared experience and memories of the Coorong.” – Marra Dreaming exchange participant.

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