Cultural Exchange connects NT Stolen Generation Members

A report on the exchange between members of the Stolen Generations removed to Garden Point and Kroker Island was presented by Vicki-Lee Knowles, CEO of NT Stolen Generations Aboriginal Corporation at The Long Walk 2013 Darwin Women's Luncheon yesterday.

Vicki-Lee gave a a moving recount of the separation of Northern Territory children from their families in the desert regions of Central Australia and their removal to the tropical island institutions of Garden Point and Kroker Island. Many siblings were divided between the institutions, often never to meet again. The children formed closer ties and new families with their 'sisters and brothers' in the institutions in which they ended up in, to cope with the separation.

The exchange reunited brothers and sisters separated by institutionalization in a return to their desert homelands in Central Australia to reconnect through country. Participants reported a sense of belonging and connection as a result of the exchange.

The Long Walk was very pleased to be able to support this exchange, an initiative of NTSGAC, through funds raised at The Long Walk 2011 Darwin Women's Luncheon.