Life Membership for Nathan Lovett-Murray

Life Membership for Nathan Lovett-Murray

At Essendon Football Club's season launch on Monday 16th March, 2015, former club champion Nathan Lovett-Murray was awarded Life Membership.  Selected in the 2003 Rookie Draft, Lovett-Murray would go on to play 145 games with the club over 10 seasons between 2004 and 2013. His exhilarating and exciting playing style captivated audiences throughout his career.

The club paid tribute to Lovett-Murray’s hard work both on and off the field, awarding him with one of the top honours of the club.

Humbled by the award, Lovett-Murray spoke fondly of the great influence that the club has had over his journey.  It was perhaps fitting that both Michael Long and Kevin Sheedy were in the audience while as Lovett-Murray received his award, both having had a strong impact on his football life. “There are a lot of people I need to thank and Michael Long is one of them.  Something I was always passionate about was giving young Indigenous people opportunities,” said Lovett-Murray, “It’s something that I continue to do today and, with the support of the football club, we can keep doing that.”  Lovett-Murray was a previous member of The Long Walk Board, and in 2014 was the Walk the Talk Ambassador for The Long Walk education program.

Congratulations Nathan!